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We at Nuthill Technologies Provide a wide range of services:

  • NutPro
  • Depth Master
  • WAGO development and supply
  • UPS and BTU Installation and Maintenance
  • Burn Shield
  • X Tracker
  • MultiOne
  • Camera Solutions
  • Generator Installation and Maintenance
  • PLC and SCADA development
  • Electric and Instrumentation wiring and installation
  • 4-20 mA to CAN conversion on opencast drill rigs.
  • Electrical refurbishing of office and workshops
  • Paving and cement-slab installations
  • General Metal works engineering
  • High Mast Installations
NutProis a remote access and data collection solution which enables the costumer to generate effective and efficient reports as well as remote control. It enables the end user to monitor remote equipment and get reporting on the equipment on a per second basis 24/7.
NutProPower management solutions:

Our product will help Industrial organisations manage their energy usage that costs them more than they are actually receiving. With NutProyour company will see what unusable energy you are receiving on each of the supplies. The unusable energy is harmful to your equipment and causes unnecessary downtime that will result in:

  • High cost of electrical bill.
  • Unnecessary down time.
  • High repair cost.
  • High Maintenance Cost.


Unbalanced Loads                       -
Reactive Energy Generation     -
Equipment Damage                     -

High Cost of Electrical Bill


Uneven Voltage in the three Phases
Unbalanced Cos

What do you pay for?

100% Useful Energy
0% Un0Useful Energy

What do you get?

75% Useful Energy
25% Un-Useful Energy

In a perfect world, we pay for a 100% and we get a 100%

In Reality we are looking at the bigger picture of self induced damage to our electrical systems.

NutPro Power Management System

The Installation of NutProM
  • Gives you report every second 24hrs 365 days of the year.
  • Create a flow chart of what is happening.
  • Lo and Hi triggers to inform you off alarms on faults.
  • With every improvement on system, have information to see if its in the right direction.
  • Influences aren't generated downwards. They are induced back into your system.

NutPro Power Management and Energy Solutions

  • Equipment Efficiency
  • Cost Saving
  • Pro-Active Maintinance
  • Labour Managing
  • Repair Defects
  • Increased Production
  • Problem Solution
  • Equipment Safeguarding
  • Reporting
  • Decrease Repair Cost
  • Safety Enhancement
  • Alarming
  • History recording
  • Measure Systems

NutPro BTU (Battery Tripping Unit) Monitoring

  1. Backup Battery Volts
  2. Supply Volts
  3. System Monitoring
  • Alarm
  • Report
  • Maintinance
  • Fault Indication
  • Remonte Access

NutPro UPS (Uninterruptible power Supply) Monitor

  1. Backup Battery Volts
  2. Supply Volts
  3. System Monitoring
  • Alarm
  • Report
  • Maintinance
  • Fault Indication
  • Remonte Access
NutPro Water Management

Depth Master

The DepthMaster systems for Opencast and Underground mining equipment was successfully rolled out in the last quarter of 2011. With our unique adaption of new technologies, the accuracy is less than 10mm on a hole depth exceeding 40 meters.


The DepthMaster basic system is developed for opencast drill rigs to measure accurate drill depth. Some measuring points:
  • Accurate Drill Depth
  • Drill to Target Depth
  • Hole Identification
  • Client specific delays
  • Mining productivity information
  • Reporting (Per shift, Time Line and Production)
  • Pipe in hole warning
  • Over and Under Drilling Warning


The DepthMaster PLUS System has all the features of the basic system with two additional systems included.

LazerTram: The LazerTram system is an in cab display for high wall and obstacle detection featuring precise measuring sensors and an audible alarm.

UltraRPM: The UltraRPM system utilises a non-intrusive measuring system and extensive calculations to determine the bit rpm of the drill rig.

NutPro Intergration 

WAGO Electrical and Instrumentation equipment

Rail - Mounted Terminal Block Systems

WAGO provides the most comprehensive product range using the universal CAGE CLAMP connection technology.

  • Wire range 0.08 mm/sq. to 95 mm/sq.
  • Space saving: terminals with CAGE CLAMP connection are up to 30% smaller than comparable products in the market.
  • Damage-free conductor clamping due to pre-programmed clamping force, dependant on conductor diameter.
  • Safe and velar handling.
  • Unlimited range of applications.
  • Time and cost effective, because it is: vibration-proof, fast and maintenance-free
  • Unrealistic test of a CAGE CLAMP 12 AWG (4mm/sq.) rail-mounted terminal block. Increase of current without time limit.

WAGO I/O System (PLC Solution)

  • Fine modularity and a fieldbusindependent design are hallmarks of the WAGO I/O-SYSTEM, which boasts approvals for a diverse range of applications.
  • Fieldbus couplers and fieldbus controllers for the most common field bus protocols and industrial ETHERNET standards.
  • The WAGO controller has an on-board Visualisation option. Whereby the programmer-maintainer can Visually see (SCADA) on the PLC itself to assist with breakdowns and maintenance.

Compact Splicing Connectors (Click Clack)

  • WAGO provides an easy fast connector for 2, 3 or 5 wire connections.
  • This eliminates the old straight connector or “chocolate block” connector.
  • No corrosion, wire damage due to screw terminals or screw terminals corroding due to time and exposure to the elements.
  • Tight connections can be neaten out.
  • Click Clacks rated at 32Amps
  • Tested over 120A for 2 min… Isolation of wire melt and plastic housing melt but connectors staid intact.

Power Supply and UPS Solutions

  • Power Supply Units are highly efficient and durable.
  • Very cost effective, high quality at an affordable price.
  • DIN rail mount Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS) available.

The biggest problem in a plant is to keep the data communication up 24/7. If you have a critical communication path between a PLC and a switch and for one or other reason there is a power dip, the Ethernet switch will restart due to low supply, and start directly up again. The problem is that the Ethernet switch will start up but before any communication can continue, the switch needs to run some diagnostics and protocol start-ups. That takes a few minutes and critical information is lost. The solution is to install a UPS to prevent the Ethernet switch to restart. WAGO’s solution is to install a DIN Rail mount UPS that only supplies the Switch with up to 60 minutes of uninterruptable supply.

Burn Shield

Burn Shield is a range of products to keep your mining, industrial equipment and people safe from fires caused by oil or diesel spillages as well as extreme heat and fires.

How does Burn Shield work:
  • One of the products are a four layer blanket that can be made into any shape and size.
  • Inner 1st layer burn at 1100 °C
  • Inner 2nd layer burn at 1600 °C
  • Inner 3rd layer burn at 1100 °C
  • Outer 4th layer burn at 600 °C and consist of a Silicon base.
  • By wrapping the Turbo with the Burn Shield, It keeps the Turbo at a constant temperature , that enable the internal mechanics to last longer due to less expansion and retraction.
  • If a diesel or oil pipe burst, the fluid will spray against the Burn Shield silicon layer and just run off.
  • No ignition of combustible liquids will take place due to the fiscal layer between the hot equipment and the combustible liquids.
  • With the Burn Shield installed, the Engine compartment ambient temperature is reduced by 20—30%.
  • All electrical wiring and sensors, rubber seals etc. will last longer due to a lower ambient temperature of the engine compartment.
  • The Burn Shield can be used where ever you need to install a physical barrier to reduce heat or eliminate physical contact.

(X) Tracker

  • The (X)-Tracker can be mounted in or on any equipment.
  • The electronics can be removed and the tracker can be built to look like anything.
  • 80% of all theft at places of business are employees or contractors. By tracking your assets and apprehend the thief, you can clamp down on theft.
  • Geofencing can be placed around 5 points on tracker. If equipment leaves area, the tracker will sms the control no with time and position of equipment leaving and enentering geofenced area.
  • Control no can phone the tracker any time and the tracker will sms the control no back with time, position , speed and battery level.

Some possible applications:
  • Track Solar Batteries.
  • Track Solar Panels.
  • Track delivery Vehicles.
  • Track People.

Some Features

Real time position with a accuracy of up to 5 meters.
Rechargeable battery / Spare Battery.
SOS /Panic button.
Impact ,vibration sensor.
Movement Alarm Low battery signal Up to 5 alert contacts.
Trip History Position updates every 59 seconds.
Dial-up location.


Nuthill Technologies is currently the sole suppliers of the MultiOne system in Mpumalanga. The System consist of One Machine with more than 170 attachments. The machine size start at series 1 with a lift capacity of 250Kg to the series 10 with a lift capacity of 2700Kg. All the different attachments can be mounted on any of the different series machines in seconds.

Camera Solutions

Nuthill Technologies are distributors for Provision ISR Camera Solutions.
The product range are :
  • PnV Cameras
  • IP Cameras
  • PoE Products
  • NVRs
  • AHD Cameras
  • AHD DVRs

Other Services

Valve Maintenance and Supply

We deliver a turn key solution by maintaining and supplying valves from 100-600 sizes in every type and any mechanism, manually, pneumatic or electrically actuated. Our highly skilled staff has received manufacturers training and is very keen and competent to complete every task to the highest of standards.

Supply services

Nuthill Technologies would like to register as a general supplier and believe that we will be highly competitive and have the resources to provide our customers with excellent after sales service and support.

ODMA Data Telemetry Radio

The ODMA Data Telemetry Radio system is a reliable radio system that enables a high band of data to be transmitted from and to drill rigs in the field. The technology is of the highest and most reliable in the industry. With this radio system even live video feeds can be transmitted and viewed on a video wall. The radio system can be installed on any piece of equipment for data/video streaming.

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